I am Ghazal Nemati. I studied from very special chain of schools, called Sampad, stands for exceptional high talented students of Iran. I am graduated in veterinary medicine followed by Ph. D of food science.  I had 8 international articles published and contributed for writing 3 books on sustainability. I joined Nestlé as head of agriculture services to develop Dairy mega farms for infants and we make it happen just within 8 months. I always strive to be a pioneer in every facet of my life and this attitude has enabled me to be the first rank student in Ph.D. the first veterinary woman working with our milk farms, the first head of Agri Services in Nestlé Iran, the only woman to be in factory leadership team. During my current role as local supplier and Co- man development manager, we launched and implemented various Lean Dairy Farming initiatives, minimizing waste, using less chemical fertilizers and more organic fertilizers resulted in increasing productivity.  We saved millions liters of water on the farms and in our operations. On the social level, we have an increase in the percentage of females in farms. I am thrilled and fascinated for our work together with my team.